Artist Story

Art director at creative agency Holmes & Watson, graphic designer, graduate of Art Academy, started to work in publishing houses and advertising agencies from second year of her graduate studies. Currently works on graphic design, illustrations, creates street art and is an art director at creative agency Holmes&Watson. 3 years ago started to create crafts, it started as an expiriment and exploration of new areas, however soon she found material and started to work on jewellery. Her first works appeared on Flea Market. The feedback received on Flea Market and people who started to wear Musya's crafts was an inspiration and reason why she started to take this work seriously and create various design concepts. The process of creation continues, each work of the artist describes artist's daily and diverse sentiments, feelings.. “each piece of jewellry is created by hand, and this requires a huge effort, however, this process and its results are always very pleasant and emotional to me. Maybe this is because I put some part of me in each of them”.

Where do you get the inspiration from?

I do not have a constant and particular source of inspiration, however, each morning, when I open my eyes and see something different or from a different angle, even very insignificant, it makes my day.

How do you imagine a world where you would live with a pleasure?

Such as I live in now

When I create something with hands... This is when I get the biggest pleasure.

If you could become someone or something else just for one day, what would that be?

Anyone or anything except myself. Revolution... Internal change which is inseparable part of artist's life.

What is one thing that a person should definitely do in life?

To realize that one day he or she will die.

What would you change?

Nothing in general, however there is one particular thing: I would read more books in childhood, as now I have no more time left for reading, which is a pity as I understand how much more reading would enrich me.

Your word?

My nick name Musya as it already trigers certain emotions and attitutes in people.